Along with providing my clients with digital versions of professionally edited, high-resolution, printable images of their photos (with no strings attached and with a sincere promise never to sell your images), I also will provide an early “highlights reel.”

What’s A Highlights Reel? 

Your highlights reel takes a little extra effort for me, but I think it’s worth it. It is designed for social sharing and posting online (images are specifically sharpened for screen and sized appropriately for social media). This should save you a lot of time when you begin uploading your photos to Facebook and you don’t have to struggle with file size issues.

You’ll also notice that your highlights reel features prominent watermarks (my company name/logo).

Here’s Why I Recommend Posting Images That Have A Watermark

By sharing only your watermarked photos, you could reduce the likelihood that your photos might be used without your permission online.

You also reduce the likelihood that grandma or grandpa is going to print out your high-end professional photo courtesy of a quick cut-and-paste job–totally ruining the beautiful details and colors that were the whole point of getting professional photos done to begin with.

And, finally, sharing my watermarked photos is a great way to help me build my clientele—and if you like the photos, it’s the best compliment you could give to share them with the watermark.

The choice of which photos you ultimately want to share is up to you. Either way, your highlights reel is a courtesy service I am pleased to offer at no change to all clients who are willing to let me share selected photos. Hope it helps!

Wishing you good things,