Professional Portraits & Headshots

As a woman who has usually been on the other side of the lens, I’m so happy to be able to offer headshot portraits of writers, authors, professionals, entrepreneurs, and creatives–in part because it means I don’t have to do my own hair and makeup!

My business headshot sessions take 30-40 minutes and result in four to five professionally and sensitively edited portraits (that means highlights are touched up, skin is warmed and smoothed, irises and pupils naturally highlighted, blemishes banished, colors tweaked, and any other adjustments made with effective minimalism). I hope to capture the things that make you YOU, emphasizing your flattering angles, approachability, authentic expression, and confidence. I love straight-forward professional headshots but I’m open to creative ideas too!

Please contact me via my contact form to inquire about my rates. And if you have been referred to me by a former client or writers’ group, please let me know! Thanks.