Newborn Photography

I absolutely love newborn photography. Cute little fingers and toes. Sweet little baby sounds. Precious, delicate moments that flit away far too fast! What an incredible honor (and challenge) to be trusted to photograph a such a fleeting moment of baby’s life. Sign me up!

[NOTE: I am especially eager to photograph newborns and babies at the time of this writing, and my rates are, well, so low that I would’t publish them. Right now my goal is to make it very easy for parents to say yes to working with me! I just love love love newborn portrait sessions.]

There are a few ways I can work with you to create images that will forever capture this precious moment of your baby’s life!

Newborn Photgraphy: Studio Baby-in-a-Basket Portraits:

If your little one is two weeks or less, he or she will still have that lovely newborn sleep that allows for adorable sleepy newborn portraits. My studio is ideal for newborns: temperature controlled with soft, even, natural light, with many different props, fabrics, etc. Plus, all the comforts of home for parents (because it is a home, lol). Dedicated newborn sessions can take between two and four hours. Come, get comfortable, hang out, bring older kiddos to play with mine when not posing, and together we’ll create warm, sweet keepsakes that you’ll treasure for the rest of your lives.

Blanket Newborn Photography Portrait Sessions In Your Home:

If you are unable to make it to my studio for a “fancier” portrait session with lots of different props and whatnot, I am able to come to your home for your newborn’s session (though there are restrictions on how far I can travel of course!). For newborn photographs sessions in the home, you’ll love a traditional blanket photo–a simple and sweet way to showcase your baby’s fleeting newbornness. Let’s talk about colors, fabrics, and poses you love!


Lifestyle Newborn Photography:

If your baby is over fourteen days old, that newborn sleep period will likely have ended, which makes “sleepy baby” shots much more difficult, if not impossible in some situations. You’re in an excellent position to create a photo diary with me! Let’s get together in your home to create photos that tell the true life story of welcoming your baby into your family (baby in crib, with older siblings, just hanging out and doing lovely baby things like staring at sunny windows, fussing, and sleeping on mom’s shoulder). And if baby falls asleep, that’s cool too! Sometimes, it’s the unscripted moments that are so wonderfully emotional!

If you have a newborn on the way, please do reach out to me for an exceptional, value-priced collection (since I’m building my portfolio!). I would be honored to take photos of your family that you’ll treasure for the rest of your lives–it’s a responsibility that I take very seriously, since I’m a mom myself!