Birthday & Cake Smash

My natural light indoor studio is a great place to have your baby’s boutique birthday portraits taken–you can’t bottle this kind of soft, even light in a store! I feel like natural light is particularly flattering to babies, toddler, and kids (when it’s done right). And I LOVE taking birthday portraits of children–cake smash or otherwise.

I’ve put together different packages to create lasting birthday memories whatever your budget!

Natural Light Indoor Studio Birthday Portrait Sessions

Custom Cake smash – The pinnacle of toddler birthday photography, cake smash is messy fun. Let me customize a set for you from top to bottom to your taste, and we’ll smash it out in my studio! You dream it, I build it! I love this collaborative, creative process!

Semi-Custom Cake Smash – I’ll dress my neutral colored infinity backdrop in a color scheme of your choosing for a festive birthday look.  Then, prepare to have some messy fun!

What if your kid doesn’t like birthday cake? If your little one isn’t really into cake and you know this for a fact, then I’ll be honest—cake smash might not be the best way to capture your child having fun on their first birthday. Give your photographer a call and pick his or her brain to find a different plan. Or, if your child likes a food other than cake, why not go with that? Who says you can’t have “mac and cheese” smash? (I mean, seriously…how adorable would that be? A huge bowl of mac, big fistfuls of slippery noodles, and great color!). There are lots of ways to create a portrait session that expresses your child’s sense of joy and fun.

What if your kid doesn’t like getting messy? I’ve found even the babies who love a good schmear of icing to the face will still want their fingers wiped off occasionally during a smash cake photoshoot. But if your baby is naturally fastidious—if baby doesn’t like sticky hands at meals and such—hiring out a photography studio for cake smash portraits might be fighting the current. See the below for alternatives! Or, reach out with your ideas!.

Fake Smash  –  A great option for budget conscious families (who isn’t?), anyone pressed for time, or kids who can’t necessarily eat cake. Less of a commitment than full cake smash (in part because it means nobody’s taking a shower and I’m not throwing away my backdrop afterward!). Same set as above (infinity backdrop dressed in a color scheme of your choosing) with a coordinating fake cake.

Custom Birthday Portraits – Tell me your ideas–let’s put together a great, unique portrait session for your tot, in my natural light home studio or outdoors!

Mini Session – In twenty short minutes (great for toddler attention spans) use one of my “active” backgrounds to keep the budget to a minimum but create great portraits. Reach out and we’ll talk!

Outdoor Birthday Photography Portrait Sessions

When the weather turns nice again, I’m looking forward to doing outdoor birthday photography sessions! Let’s take cake smash outdoors! Or create an alternative outdoor scene to bring a unique touch to birthday photos. Or just let mother nature speak for herself. See my portfolio for my outdoor portraiture.

Whether you’re thinking of scheduling a smash cake session with me or someone else, I think you’ll be glad to have these important toddler photograph tips in your back pocket!  Make the most of your cake smash session. Check out: My Top 8 Tips For Cake Smash Portrait Sessions. 


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