About Me



Here’s a cellphone shot my husband nabbed of me while we were on vacation–that’s me in the lower part of the frame, in the dirt, trying to find an exciting new way to shoot an ancient mountain (pix below).

I’m a woman of many hats: mom, wife, daughter, sister, bestselling novelist, SEO copywriter, editorial consultant, and–most recently–photographer. The common thread that connects all of my passions is, and has always been, storytelling.

Storytelling is my life’s work. My novels are published in many languages across the globe, and I’ve been on the New York Times list multiple times. I began taking pictures shortly after the birth of my daughter (I guess you could say something just, uh, clicked!). It’s a pleasure to find new ways to tell stories through my pictures.

When I’m not writing or shooting, I’m usually doing something else creative: knitting, cooking adventurous vegetarian meals, coming up with messy playtime activities for my daughter (hello, Jell-O!), goofing off with my Jack Russel terror [sic], or cleaning up after all of the above!

And, as promised, here’s that photo I was shooting on vacation. 🙂