Professional Headshot Portrait Photography – Author Mary Auclair

What a great time I had shooting a professional headshot session for writer Mary Auclair, whose first book, a steamy sci fi romance called Venomous Craving, is arriving soon, with more projects in the works. She also writes horror under a pen name (which I do not happen to know, so I can only assume she is just kidding about the horror thing and is actually writing humor).*

Mary is a bit of an enigma. On first glance, one might be tempted to think she’s all WYSIWYG. But wait a while for the ripples of conversation to clear, and you can see that these waters run deep, and she is a woman with stories to tell.

It was a fun challenge to craft photos that speak to Mary’s multifaceted writerly self!

*Editor’s note: My sources tell me that Mary’s horror writing can be found under the pen name Marjorie Dussaud. Visit her website at your own peril(ous enjoyment)!

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