Shirley Hailstock Portrait Session


One of the things that I love about working with writers is that a writer is NEVER just a writer–and Shirley Hailstock is a perfect example. Writers have to know bit of everything, and Shirley knows lots about marketing, cover art design, photoshop, photography, business, and so much more.

And she also knows a thing or two about writing. The New York Times says,

“…her plots…over the edge of the world.”

—-New York Times


I love the way her headshots came out–she has such a beautiful, natural smile (even when it’s 86 degrees and muggy/buggy)! But I have to admit–my favorite portraits are the ones that I’m not posting to the blog, because Shirley brought her daughter along, and I was blessed to be able to take great photographs of her teen as well as some sweet mom-and-daughter shots.


Anyway, check out Shirley Hailstock’s romantic suspense novels if you could use a break from real life to slip into a fast-paced, romantic world!


Want to set up a portrait session with me to promote your adventures to the wider world? Reach out via my contact form. Looking forward to hearing from you!