Toddler Starting School Photography

This is a bit of a last minute notion, since it’s already September. But as I stood outside my daughter’s first school last week for orientation, I found myself growing teary and thought, “I MUST take first ever school photos of her RIGHT NOW!” So I put together this little scene, complete with nerdy glasses and buttoned-up shirt. They came out so cute I could just melt!

The thing that I love most about shooting in my natural light home studio is that my subjects have plenty of room to be spontaneous and playful. By creating scenes that kids can engage with, I know I’m more likely to get shots of their real personalities coming through as they play with crayons, or explore a spinning globe, or eat an apple. When they’re having fun, I’m having fun (and mom and dad will have great pictures to remember such a precious time in their lives)!

FYI – I considered doing this shoot on a flatter, white backdrop but when I turned the backdrop stark white, it looked eerily like an advertisement of some kind. So I left it as is. Just my preference.

If you are interested in booking a school photos shoot like this with me, please reach out!



We had so much fun exploring this toddler photography scene!